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Purchase with a Purpose

Purchase with a Purpose

Supporting American workers and Fair Trade Artists around the world

Thanks to fair trade laws and practices, more women workers and their families in vulnerable socio economic areas are now working for fair wages, working in safer conditions, living above poverty levels and thriving with opportunities.

Serendipity Monograms is proud to be a part of these excellent changes in the global workforce. Many consumers purchase imported merchandise without a second thought of the conditions and tyranny under which many products are made. Cheap prices often times mean unfair wages were given in exchange to the worker of that finished product. But thanks to fair trade opportunities, times have certainly begun to change. Even though sweatshop conditions still exist in some parts of the world, it is companies like ours that raise awareness and promote fair trade.

Every item you purchase from Serendipity Monograms has a purpose. Our products are designed and made in the USA, and by Fair Trade workers around the globe. We are a green company using Eco-friendly, quality materials. We look for these products to help ease the social economic problems faced by the poor in many regions of the world, and assist them in developing their skills and talents into a lucrative trade. Every Serendipity Monogram Designs product has a story, from its origin to your purchase. Our production partners start with raw materials, beautiful silky, rich colored threads, and environmentally safe dyes to produce beautifully designed pillows, scarves, ties, handbags, dog apparel, wedding décor, and more. With your choice of a luxury embroidered monogram design, you can select your thread color to match your product choice for a unique item personalized just for you. We take pride in every monogram we create and talented artisans take pride in their creations. Buying beautiful, personalized handmade items at affordable prices and supporting a good cause has never been easier.

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